parody song done by Dave Chapelle on an episode of Chapelle's Show. the tune of it is very similar to R. Kelly's "Feelin On Yo Booty."
Haters wanna hate
Lovers wanna love
I don't even want
None of the above
I want to piss on you
Yes I do
I'll piss on you
I'll pee on you
by bigjimdx December 02, 2005
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the famous RTC quote by kirk7715: "piss off you goldfish"
player: you killed me you noob I hate u
kirk: piss off you goldfish
by Frostyminecart z May 18, 2015
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Much like pee you!!! but stronger; piss you!!! is an exclamation used when you encounter a person or thing that ***REALLY*** reeks.
PISS YOU!!! That fucking jug of milk must have gone off at least two weeks ago!!! :-(
by Telephony December 25, 2011
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The act of urinating so forcefully that anyone in earshot is convinced you have a hatred of toilets/urinals.
I held it for so long that when I finally went, the guy next to me said "you were pissing like you hate porcelain."
by THVVW October 06, 2011
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Beating someone to a pulp. Knockin' your ass out
Motha fucka, you step to me again.....I'm gonna beat the piss out of you!!
by Da Skrill July 09, 2006
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This is the place where you post everyone that pisses you off, if it's a group of people(like a group of friends), a type of poser, a certain kind of person (jocks, nerds, wiggers etc.) or a certain individual who's getting on your nerves.
Post them all here and let go whatever hate you have on whoever your targeting.
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