Bell bottom wearing, queen bitch who likes to sing and rap, but nobody can understand what about. A Marre is always in love with an old rod.
Marre is also very sweet, nice, caring and sees the best in everyone. A Marre will go out of her way to make anybody feel better.
Person 1: "Hey. Did you see that Marre?"
Person 2: "yah! Her bell bottoms are as fresh as her lyrics."
by SpiffySquabble January 26, 2018
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Straight up ghetto or the attribute for a very stupid or anal person. Transsexual form of Wendy.
Jeff: I am so funny, I went to the store yesterday and started working there for free.

Bill; Did anyone say anything to you when you did that?

Jeff: Duh, yiddish... the Manager said, What is the Marr

moron doing over there.Duh Duh

Bill: What did you say?

Jeff: Duh...I said "I work here now and we will be out of business in a year" Duh... Can I suck your dick Brittney?
by DelrayWinner August 29, 2009
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Marrely is a beautiful girl who is shy at first but, once you get close to her you'll see the fun side of her. Marrely is gorgeous and she has a beautiful heart. She might seem like a girl who lets everyone get to her, but she ends up becoming very confident and brave. Marrelys make mistakes but learn from them. Marrely attracts so many hearts that it's hard to keep them away. Marrely is someone I would love to be. Marrely is perfect.
would love to date a Marrely

#marrely #beautiful #love #girl #gorgeous
by Jaylana October 06, 2004
by Isabel15 April 28, 2017
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A talented guitarist, best known for his work in The Smiths with singer, Morrissey. He is also an accomplished musical producer.
Morrissey and Marr made amazing songs.
by larry says hi October 15, 2005
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Marrs is the name of the most amazing boy on the planet. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “eh, sure, that’s an easy way for ANYONE to describe the person they love”, but seriously, this guy is perfect. He’s selfless, goofy, kind-hearted and supportive. He lifts you up when you’re down and makes you feel so insanely special. When he smiles, your heart will drop to your feet and your knees will turn to jelly. And you never ever want to loose him.
We all know Marrs is perfect.
by lacrossiex March 7, 2019
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