1)One of my most ancient cultures in the world. Descendants of the Illyrians. Known for women with beautiful black eyes and amazing curves.
2)The most unique language in the world. It does not branch from anything. It is enriched by great literary figures such as Ismail Kadare and Ndre Mjeda.
3) Brave and happy person
4)Good dancer and swimmer
The Albanian landscape is the true paradise of nature.

I love it when you whisper "Te Dua" in Albanian
by Andrea T May 18, 2005
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people who come from the most beautiful country in the world and are the best people
Albanians = Albania = Best People

Fuck whoever NRM is
by ALBAMAN November 27, 2004
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ALbanians are the most honest and happy, happy, and normal people in this whole world..not like some fake, stuck -up stupid people. One thing for sure is that we're not smelly..we're the most modernized people in clothes..and keeping our selves clean..we even dress up to take out the garbage
by intelligent May 22, 2005
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the greats people in the world

they are the people who beat teh fuck put of italians austria-hungariens and germans. the most beutyful and tought people in the whole universe. me most turstworhty people in the world.
Albanians are people of great dignity and respect. People that if u fuck wit will cop u r had off. The people of the two hadded eagle and skenderbeu. They move to uk so they could get a better life cuz their country is going thrught hard time. Albanains have the most beutyful country in the world. Albanians have on of the most ancient country in the world and the best language of all time shqiptare per jet and the cleanest one. i got to agrry wit my boy up u do dress to take the garbage out some time we dress in suit to change are cars oil
I am Albanian
The albania hero is Skenderbeu
ALbanian beat the fuck out of their hate
Dat albanian is going out wit dis fine ass chick
Shqiptaret u qinte nene te terve
by K_thug_albo@hotmail.com March 1, 2006
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Some pretty awsome people, usually have accents, they usually have many cousins, and are soccer fanatics.
Person 1: Man, those people are cool.
Person 2: Yeah, the Albanians.
Person 1: Wow, I wish I was that!
by az-albo June 17, 2009
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they are kind and caring.
if u hate them no one gives a shit because we have lives.
It is the most beautiful place in the whole world.
if u never went there then u are missing out.

by albanianprincess<33 March 17, 2009
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Descendants of the Illyrians and Pelasgians. They own the land of Present day Albania,Kosovo,Macedonia,Greece, and Serbia. They are the kindest people by letting serbian and greek immigrants work on their land and take care of their donkeys.
Hey that serb and greek are kissing that dude's feet.

Nah man that's not just any dude it's an ALBANIAN
by Serbs raped my donkey =( July 27, 2008
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