Originated from redpilling (the matrix), saying something is thingpilled is saying it is similar to that thing.
“That cloud is so skypilled.”
What a maxpilled thing to say”
by hidden_haven_ August 17, 2022
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I knew Karen was pilled the moment she sent me a YouTube video with QAnon in the title.
by bebophone May 15, 2020
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wankered shitfaced bolloxed fucked Something to call someone who is obviously feeling the effects of ecstasy tabs. The person may be sweaty, dazed and have glazed eyes. Sniffing a lot and breathing quickly is also something to look for.
jesus that dude is so pilled

im so pilled right now (sniff sniff)

by dscott2064 July 11, 2006
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Being so incredibly based and pilled that its all condensed into a single pilled pill. #pillpilled
im pill

Pill pilled, being so pilled that you're pill pilled.
by pilledman June 3, 2021
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a person who is can just get on every nerve, they are bitter and basically hard to swallow like a pill
omg that girl is such a pill, i could kill her!
by willhavehalloweenonchristmas December 18, 2013
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This is what girls/women say if they have taken a Birth Control Pill to prevent pregnancy if your male friend ejaculates in you during sex. Especially if they don't want to get pregnant.
Jeff: Hey my lovey gf, wanna play tonight?
Anna: I'm on the pill so sure why not ;)
by iRock2u May 23, 2015
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1: An oral contraceptive in pill form, designed to be taken every 24 hours. Designed as a contraceptive only, with no STD-preventative properties. Suppresses hormones in such a way as to render the woman taking them temporarily infertile. Ortho Tricyclen and Ortho Cyclen are among the different kinds available.
2: Proof that there is a Deity, and that It loves us all.
Thanks be for the Pill... the salvation of humanity!
by whatever May 8, 2003
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