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Piercing is one kind of bod mod or body modification, along with tattoing... The word piercing is very general.., Well at least for me. It can be done on any.. and I mean any part of the body.. That's why it's called body piercing.

Having body piercings do make you look like a bad person but only to the eyes of conservative and narrow minded people.

Body piercings are a great way to express creativity and one's being artistic.

ear piercing, stretching, scalpelling, snug, industrial piercing, daith, rook, nose piercing, septum piercing, nostril piercing, brow piercing, anti eyebrows, nipple piercing, uvula, pocketing, and many others.
I like rachel's industrial piercing.. I think of getting pierced myself.. :-)
by aestheticist November 24, 2006

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