german 4 "dude",
slang apellation
ick muss dir wat erzäln, alter!
(gotta tell ya sumthin, dude!)
by theRo November 12, 2005
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what you say when leaving an instant message conversation, and typing to0 fast. this then makes everyone seem incredibly religious.
-it's been nice talk ign to you Cindy.
-yeah, you too, talk to you ttomrorow
-yeah, alter
by boss penguin November 6, 2007
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A type of love that is neither completely platonic nor romantic. When you have alterous feelings for someone, you want to be close to them in any way. You might want to date them, yet not feel heartbroken if they say they'd rather be friends. But conversely, if they asked you out, you'd be happy to accept. Just so long as your relationship is close and strong, you're happy!

Two alterous people might have a queerplatonic relationship with each other.

Alterous feelings can be very intense! If you experience alterous attraction but don't know about the term, it can be easy to confuse for romantic love. Just remember, romance isn't inherently stronger than other types of love.

Alterous attraction is common among asexual and aromantic people, but can be experienced by people of all orientations!
I love you, in an alterous way. I think of you as a close friend, and I'm completely satisfied with that. But if you love me romantically, I'd be willing to try dating you too. I'd even have sex with you if you wanted me to! So long as we're emotionally close, I'm happy. You mean everything to me, and I want to do anything I can to make you happy.
by bonespook July 31, 2020
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An alternate personality of someone with D.I.D. or O.S.D.D.
My alter Jack formed two months ago.
by PikaPiピカピ December 11, 2018
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Having a distorted or altered state of consciousness as a result of drug use.

Occasionally it is spelled "Alter'd"
"Dude! *he-he* I am sooo000oooo0o fuggin' altered"
by Cody April 15, 2004
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A personality of someone with D.I.D. Vary in nature and degree.
Having multiple alters is normal for someone with M.P.D or D.I.D
by Rodage April 16, 2017
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