Abbreviation for 'body modification'.

Some people are addicted to bod mods.
by Pepperidge April 14, 2005
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Abbriviation for 'Body Modifications'
Sometimes extreme, modifications done to the body.


- Branding
- Corsets
- Implants
- Peircings
- Pulling
- Scarification
- Shaping
- Stretching
- Subdermal Implants
- Suspension
- Tattoos
- Tongue Splitting
- Transdermal Implants
Chick 1: Did you see that guy at Hot Topic?!
Chick 2: Yea, weird bod mods huh?!
by Carmen D. February 04, 2006
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Any kind of cosmetic body enhancement, e.g. breast implants, face lift, rhinoplasty, etc.
Craig: "Do you think those tittays are fo' real?"

Fed: "No way man, that chick got some bod mods, straight up."
by tobiased July 10, 2008
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