What dumbasses from places outside of Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania (mainly New England and the South East) call PHILADELPHIA.
Bostonian: "I was in Philidelphia before the Superbowl, and it totally owns Boston is all ways".
by SBXXXIX February 1, 2005
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The act of cuming in someones wound and and rubbing it in with a tampon
Bucky: Hey Ashton I think you should give plumms a philidelphia stinger because he is being a big doucher!

Ashton: ok, that's pretty gross but I will do it
by Buckyfarris2 April 5, 2010
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When you are doing a girl doggy style and you spit on her back, so she think you came, and when she turns around you explode your load on her face.
Dude last night I totally pulled a Philidelphia Drive-By on Karen! She is really pissed at me now, cause i made her swallow.
by Noah Hoback September 9, 2007
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When a couple is engaging in intercourse, paricualarry doggy style, and the rear partner takes a pinecone and shoves it in the anus or vagina, and then drop kicks it. May and probably will cause Anal or Vaginal bleeding.
Jane: "John, not so rough."
John: "I'll show you rough."
*inserts pinecone*
Jane: "Owwwwh, what was that?"
John: "You'll see."
*drop kicks pinecone*
Jane: "OWWWWHHHH!!!, YOU MOTHERFUCKER, It's over!!!"
John: Finally that bitch left, but SHIT, I have blue balls now!!!

Jim: "Dude did you listen to me and give your girlfriend the Philidelphia Pinecone?"
John: "Yah bro thanks alot, it actually worked, but I have blood on my sheets now."
by Tom Progression August 8, 2008
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a shitty baseball team that won their first NL east title since 1993, have only 1 world championship but still think they are the greatest team in baseball even though they had a bigger choke in 1962 than the mets did in 2007.

i could name 29 other teams that are better than the philidelphia phillies.

by HOT-lanta April 2, 2008
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a guy that releases his bowels on the females chest and she lets it slide down her neck to her abdomen section
just had a philidelphia slider so you better be gettin in the shower now if you want me to touch you
by kenallen75 August 25, 2007
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When a man loves a woman....or a man....
It is when there is an ostomy (hole or outing where your colon or small intestines will come out, usually seen with a bag in place because they drain the shit) placed and another man uses this ostomy hole as a place where he may have sex. Almost like anal sex, but not quite much pleasure for the receiver...
He was so horned up he had to use the Philidelphia Side Car to get off.
by Aug2013 September 2, 2010
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