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noun: a hard, conical shaped poo that comes out thin side first, thickest side last. 99% of all pinecone's result in excessive pushing, a clenched jaw, and extreme discomfort. a pinecone is similar to a feet-first birth.
marc: "dude, i just shat a massive pinecone!"
chris: "thats disturbing.."
by the storm drains May 19, 2009
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code for slut/whore/basically any girl on a college campus. By calling these girls pinecones, people can openly talk about them without the pinecones even knowing.
(girls with basically no clothes on walk by)

"Dude, do you smell some pinecones or is it just me?"
"Yeah man i smell it, there must be a pine tree around here somewhere."
by Art M. Typal October 30, 2011
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A person who is so utterly dull and boring that you could dip him in peanut butter and roll him in nuts and birds would feed off of him
"I can't believe you dated Steve, he was such a pinecone"
by Clydeeee January 23, 2012
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The kind of shit which involves tear-jerking pain and spiked feces coming out of your asshole. This is arguably the most horrible form of shit. It feels as if there is something slicing your bowels as you force it out of your bum.
"Johnny, are you okay?!"
by @____________________________@ November 05, 2009
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It doesn't really mean anything....can be used as an insult as well as a compliment. Actual pinecones from trees are excellent for throwing at people.
"I hate you, you are a pinecone."(insult)

"You're such a pinecone."
(compliment or insult. depends on tone of voice)
by Noel Lee. March 03, 2007
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