29 means
You Love them 💕
by Wanderlust_721 January 16, 2022
The age at which most women stop aging (or so they say!).

When I turn 29, I'll be the age I'm going to be for the rest of my life.

A child asks his grandma, "How old are you?"
Her reply, "29."
by Ma'lady June 19, 2008
the "69" for houdinis

Houdinis are of course, spitting on a girl's back, while doing it doggy style and making her think you have ejaculated on her. When she turns around to see what has happened she is then hit in the face with a load of cum. The "2" looks like a person bending down and the "9" looks like a person standing up over the first person
by jorgepfan March 16, 2009
29 centimeters. The traditional length of a balisong (butterfly knife). Approxiamatly 11.4 inches, of which the blade makes up for about 5 inches and the handle the rest.
I have numerous cuts on my hands from playing with my 29.
by Fecalator June 23, 2004
Bi-sexual or likeing both sexes (sorry, had to meet the word min)
on the numeric keyboard: 1-a 2-b 3-c 4-d 5-e 6-f 7-g 8-h 9-i so 29 becomes bi
by Altaica July 9, 2005
Its a number that changes everyday.
Countdown to sheer delight.
Let them do the talk, i don't care.
Got to do this walk, let them stare.
Only you can stop me from getting there.
what was your life like at the age of 29?
by Otto Matič May 7, 2019
29 is akin to, in the words of most, "Humping a Humpback whale"

The 2 from sideways looks like a whale's hump and tail, hence the whale part, and the 9 is you. 29 resembles you humping a whale. It is a strange new thing that is catching on rapidly.
"I got number 29." Grant said.

"Oh silly," I said, "Don't you know that means? It means you humped a humpback whale."
by toee September 14, 2006