nigga if you don't know what this means you're too young.
furry: nyah iku! (im cuming)
other furry: 00f

third furry ye
by c l o v e r February 25, 2018
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Andrew drank a fine keg of Bob's cume
by dick guzinya March 20, 2004
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When a male ejaculates thick white stuff containing sperm. Or a female ejaculate a simular white fluid while reaching a sexual climax. Adjective
I'm cuming.
by Brandygirl September 23, 2013
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Short for "cumulative audience", it's the total number of listeners a radio station has over the course of an average week. Total amount of time spent listening does not matter...if you listen to station A for fifteen minutes one day and station B three hours every day, you're still cumed to both stations.
If you regularly listen to three radio stations over the course of a week, then you cume three stations, and thos three stations would consider you part of their cume.
by a guy who wants more cume March 19, 2004
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Jane did really well on her final exams in college, she got a 3.7 cume!
by Athene Airheart March 19, 2004
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With a cume of 3.8, she graduated _Magna cum Laude_
by bob 'a' March 25, 2004
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(Short for "cumulative".)

1. The combined averages of a student's GPA.
n. "Joe's CUME was barely high enough to apply for most colleges."
by Caltha. March 21, 2004
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