An acronym for "Nose Laugh", the short involuntary blast of air from the nose when you read something funny. Used when something is mildly amusing and air expels from your nose, but isn't funny enough to make you actually LOL, or "laugh out loud".
Jim: Yeah, I'm stickin' to my diet. I'm stickin' this here Big Mac right into my mouth!
Ty: NL
by NomenclatureOfOurTime June 1, 2015
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MLB's National League, in which pitchers bat for themselves.
The NL is the longest surviving league in baseball, having existed since 1876.
by Diggity Monkeez February 4, 2005
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NL is an abbreviation used in the cannabis growing culture for the "Northern Lights" strain which is quite popular for both commercial and personal grows because of its size, yield, hardiness, ect.
"Thats a beautiful NL SoG you've got goin!"
by Narcissus July 14, 2004
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Acronym for "Ngentot Lu". Indonesian for "fuck you".
by pentozali December 7, 2007
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Noun A white person who loves or likes the company of black people.
Did you see who Kelly was with last night what an NL.

K Q is a real NL!

by Majmeo June 12, 2007
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Not Life Safe. Compare to NWS, Not Work Safe.
Used for images that are highly disturbing or disgusting.
Person 1: (goatse)
Person 2: Gah, put a NLS warning, Jesus!
by Ssonic March 18, 2007
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