An absolute idiot, someone who has done something completely dumb and deserve to be called a pinecone. Can be sometime abbreviated to cone for more of a harsher meaning.
Jerry: drops bag of c hips all over carpet
by Flowan February 27, 2017
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A person who is so utterly dull and boring that you could dip him in peanut butter and roll him in nuts and birds would feed off of him
"I can't believe you dated Steve, he was such a pinecone"
by Clydeeee January 23, 2012
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I cannot believe trump said the Coronavirus was a Hoax. What an absolute fucking Pinecone.
by YOUNGS614 April 05, 2020
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Pinecone Anti Cheat For Minecraft Servers. Detects Moonwalking, But Not Fly. It Costs Too Much Tho. Doesn't Detect Fly
by IAmADonut January 08, 2019
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To hit someone with a large object in an accidental manner.
Baseball player: "Have you heard about Randy McCormick?"
Coach: "The guy that got pineconed by a pitch?"
Baseball player: "Yeah. I wonder if he's out of the ICU."
by Sven-Detlev September 08, 2009
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The word when refering to "Amanda" or "Lexis". Pinecone meaning, "Fuck you" or, "Your a bitch"
Amanda your such a damn pinecone
Lexis you fucking pinecone
by Random Person November 28, 2004
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