An original sound track of an anime titled Yachirin Bitch Club or as known as Yaribu. The song is singed by the voice actors of the character.
See also: Yachirin Bitch Club
I'm in the mood for some upbeat song, Alexa play Touch You
by YourGayCousin69420 October 29, 2020
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An opening that's way too good for the anime it's featured in (well, if we ignore the lyrics).
Friend 1: "Hey, do you know the song Touch You from Yarichin Bitch Club?"

Friend 2: "I do! It's way too catchy for being from THAT anime though."
by Professional Jotaro Simp April 7, 2021
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A saying created by a fat pedofile dyke that is equivalent to finger banged.
Old Dyke: "Liar!! you touched it last time!"
by bipolardyke March 7, 2008
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the little red thing in the back of your throat that when you touch it you throw up
"I think I have strep throat because there are red dots on the thing that when you touch it you throw up."
by Greg C. Z. September 9, 2007
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A common idiom from 18th century Britain, first coined by Sir John Walters in reference to his ex-lover Caroline Milcke. The original phrasing, “place thy hand on a horse, and be victorious in the divorce.” This obscure idiom was adopted by 19th century romantics and its popularity grew exponentially. As of the early 20th century, the phrase was adapted to its current wording by Elizabeth Williams.
Well, you know what they say! If you touch a horse, you win the divorce!
by Lissylooe January 3, 2020
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What was once the ultimate put down. The strongest diss you could say to somebody who was annoying you by being physical with something you own.

Starting off with expensive things that other poor kids couldn't afford, this was a snobbish insult used by richer kids who had the flashest new gear and one of the poorer kids wanted to touch it as they could never afford somethign so extravagent. This was in fear of the poorer kids leaving germs or nits on the item leaving the richer kid fucked later on. This would put them in their place and the poor kids would know their place in society.

However, things started to get a bit out of hand circa 1997. The diss spread wildly across Britain's schools and soonn became used in day to day conversations heard in the playground; the cheaper the tackier the item the better the insult. It was a witty way of saaying "you're so poor that..." but without having to use the brainpower to think of an item and and it would leave people hurt inside.

Soon enough people found a way of responding to this comment which was to get your wallet out and show you have enough money to indeed afford the item, thus making the person who used it look silly and make their point completely void. Soon after this was discovered people stopped using it, and thus sending a classic diss to the history books along with "your mum gives head for bread" and other such insults.
Person 1 "Hey, Let me have a look at that pen."
Person 2 "Oi, don't touch what you can't afford!"
Person 1 " didn't have to go there."
by GF February 16, 2007
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