Even though I aint finish school I got a PHD, A Pretty Huge Dick
by AC February 07, 2004
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Jamal: I got some ass last night at da club
Curtis: nigga please, you aint got nottin' up in da club
Jamal: Don't try an' playa hate on me, im not the one wit the phd
by Koffi January 01, 2006
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Originally used to describe Higher education, achieved, doctorate.

But also used to describe a...

Playa hatin' dick head.
Damn, he always jealous, he a playa hatin dickhead(phd), 4 real!
by Nixx March 23, 2006
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For brothers on the street - Pimpin' Hos Degree
I gots myself a bunch o' bitches, and got my PhD!
by Fineyngman September 09, 2005
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Pure Hard Dance

A group that host events at clubs,

known for dance stylez such as rave, shuffle, etc.

..they sell merchandise such as hoodies, which have become 'shuffling uniform' around Melbourne
Hey where'd you get ur PHD (referring to hoodie)?
-Bought it at one of their events.

You goin' to PHD tomorrow night?
-Hell yeahh!
by JáSE! June 08, 2007
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