5 definitions by Furly Ghost

"baby can u gig, u so crazy when u gig , eww she giggin."

Andre Hicks
by Furly Ghost July 5, 2005
just another way of expressin' lyrics.
"I know it ain't eazy, rhyme spillin', but that ain't no justification to rhyme stealin'."

Andre Hicks/ Romp in peace
by Furly Ghost July 5, 2005
California exempt is another slang way of sayin'police. All police everywhere has "exempt" written on their license plates. Feel me pimp.
man i'm tired of california exempt always on my tail.
by Furly Ghost August 16, 2005
The true definition of phd is...
pimpin',hoggin',and doggin'
as a pimp u have to have a phd, for pimpin',hoggin',and doggin'yooooou beezy.
by Furly Ghost August 14, 2005
Police, Cops, five o, luv puttens, etc.
(Patrol cars in the Bay Area are black and white.) Killa Whales.
I'm gettin tired of always duckin and hidin from these killa whales.
by Furly Ghost July 23, 2005