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A self-righteous, violent, facist, hypocritical but monotheistic religion that was founded by Muhammad, and follows the violent teachings of the Kuran that demand Jihad against anyone in the world who is not a Muslim, for the intent of “conversion.” In order to earn favor with God, you must follow seven pillars—none of which will save you. This is what separates Islam from Christianity, in that Muslims believe salvation can be achieved by good works, while Christianity teaches that salvation comes only through faith in the resurrected Jesus Christ. Muslims (followers of Islam) call the supreme deity (God) Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.

Islam and Muslims claim the word Islam means “peace” but is anything but peace. It is a religion of perpetual outrage and violence against anyone of other faiths. Islam promotes the killing and violence of non-Muslims, for conversion. Its followers have a dangerous preoccupation with death and suicide attacks against people as a result. This is an abomination to most religions because the real, loving God wants Salvation thru faith and not force. Islam hates people of other religions. It embraces terrorism for the sake of destroying the West, Jews and Israel. Islam believes Jews and Christians came from pigs, which is crazy. This is Naziism at its finest. You don’t believe me that Islam is a dangerous religion? Sura 8:12-13 says “Give courage to the believers. I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers!' ‘ How about this one: "When you meet the unbelievers in jihad, chop off their heads. And when you have brought them low, bind your prisoners rigorously. Then set them free or take ransom from them until the war is ended." (Sura 47.4) Nuff said. Muhammad was a murderer so why shouldn’t his phony religion be? Islam also teaches that its followers will eventually rule the world, and the destruction of America is in their future. This is partly why 9-1-1 happened. If you don’t believe that Islam is a facist religion that wants to rule the world then I have some beachfront property in Kansas I would like to sell you.
Islam is a religion of nothing but hatred, violence and death. This explains the epidemic of violoence in the Middle East.
by krock1dk December 05, 2007
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A female with a radical, hypocritical and self-serving philosophy that teaches woman are not just equal to but infinitely superior to men. Feminists use deceit, dubious statistics, manipulation, aggression and threats to eliminate any sense of fairness, justice or decency toward males. Wishes to eradicate gender differences and roles (unisex bathrooms, young boys being persuaded to play with Barbie while young girls persuaded to play with G.I. Joe). It Embraces divorce, abortion, cohabitation (living together with no need for marriage but receiving its benefits), invetrofertilization, gay marriage and hostility toward the family and child rearing. Has been responsible for the death of chivalry: men are now confused as to what their gender roles are ie. no more opening doors or pulling out a chair for a women, replacing men as the person who solicits a date or marriage proposal, replaces the father as the head of the household and marriage, etc. Feminists are puzzled by and hostile to the thought of men being attracted to women.

Feminist are devastating to a civilized America and is the soul cause for radical homosexuality, abortion, transgenderism, transvestivism and death of the traditional family and its values. Feminism has been devastating to a civilized society.
by krock1dk August 04, 2007
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A very flawed character trait that results from low confidence and low self-esteem, often due to rejection or a humiliating experience as a child. They feel socially inadequate, causing them to worry about what people think about them. They want to be liked by people and will go out of their way to please others, because they don’t want people mad at them. Insecure people often compare themself to others to see how they “stack up” against the perceived “competition.” An insecure male will often be controlling in his relationship, because he feels he is not worthy of having his woman and, therefore, fears his girlfriend will find a better man. He gets angry and jealous if another man only looks at his woman in admiration. He will listen in on other people’s conversations to hear if people are talking bad about him, or will read his woman’s diary to see if she is betraying him. Insecure people will often insult or bully others to feel better about themselves. They will also lie about their alleged “success” to impress people. Basically, insecure people hide their real self to avoid being rejected or despised, when most of their perceptions are false.
Being insecure is probably the most common emotional problem.
by krock1dk December 31, 2008
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The number one cause of divorce. The end of dating. The end of your sex life. Something I will never experience because, women for some reason, do not like me and I have become totally invisible to the opposite sex.

It has three phases: lust (when you are newlyweds) rust and dust. Which phase is your marriage in? Marriage is taken way too lightly in our society. Most people don’t realize that marriage is the hardest commitment for anyone to make. People often treat marriage as a convenience rather than a covenant, thinking how they can benefit from marriage rather than how to meet the needs of your spouse. Anyone with half a brain and $50 for a license can get married but it takes real commitment to make it work. The problem with successful marriage today is:

1.PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS OF WHAT IT WILL BE LIKE MIXED WITH POOR PREPARATION/PLANNING: It amazes than any state will make you study for a time to get a drivers license but will instantly grant a marriage license for $50 and a blood test to any nieve couple stupid enough to marry, having the ability to ruin lives of future children and themselves if it goes wrong. The couple thinks all will be happily ever after and they will have a perfect family and live in the burbs with white, picket fences. They are willing to say their “I do’s” at the altar without knowing what to do when the honeymoon is over and adversity and trials begin. You marry a sweet girl or nice guy at the altar and then, when they honeymoon is over and you return home, the person’s real colors come out. Most couples don’t discuss their goals for the marriage or even WHY they are getting married. They don’t discuss issues of how they will raise their children, where they will live, how to budget their income, etc. Failed marriages are often the result of poor planning because the couple has not yet discovered, until it is too late, that they are not compatible for marrying each other.
2. LACK OF COMMUNICATION. It amazes me that we have invented technology for men on earth to talk to men on the moon but cant figure out how a couple can communicate at the dinner table. A bride-to-be doesn’t discuss with her husband-to-be (or vice versa) what their needs are, what irritates her, what her sexual needs are, how they feel, how they relate to each other, their weaknesses, strengths, etc. They feel as though their emotional nudity will result in rejection. But communication is mandatory if you want to get to know the person with whom will spend the rest of your life.

FALLING IN LOVE IS NOT A REASON TO GET MARRIED. Any hormone-driven Harry can fall for anything in a skirt with lipstick and highheels. You can’t live on love because what are you going to do when you don’t feel as though you are in love with your spouse at any time? There has to be more than love to proceed to marriage—a plan needs to be created. You need to determine what you want to accomplish in your future marriage and not just jump into it because you have the urge to merge. Ask yourself, “why am I wanting to marry this person?” As I said, there MUST be a goal or it WILL fail.

Marriage today has become a failed institution because our society has failed to “learn how to be married.” People take it too light and treat it as a convenience rather than a spiritual covenant. Marriage is in awesome institution when it works but can be devastating to lives when it doesn’t.


Marriage is not to be taken lightly. You must know what you are getting into and with whom before walking down the isle with your Cinderella/Prince Charming.
by krock1dk December 19, 2007
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Someone with extreme mood swings. A constant worrier. A paranoid personality. Someone who often suffers from extrme stress. Someone who can't cope in a social setting.
Neurotic is not to be confused with psychotic.
by krock1dk October 26, 2007
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The kind of person you just want to punch in the mouth for being so damb annoying. They have no life and way too much time on their hands. They frequently use their excessive amount of time to annoy and monitor others, taddletale for small meaningless crap, butt into everybody's business except their own, and spy on people as if they think they are a cop or an important person or something. You know busy bodies when you see them: they evesdrop, will report you for "child abuse" when you discipline your kids in the mall by giving them a small smack on the hand, they knock on your apartment door for "being too loud" when chopping vegetables on your counter for dinner, will tell flight attendants something like "excuse me but I saw that man using his cell phone during the safety demo" and will tell a COP something like "excuse me sir but I saw that man's license plate tag as being expired." What do you want me to do about a cell phone or an expired tag you stupid, loser? I had a friend once who was a busybody. He told me 6 months after I moved to Arizona that "I am going to report your car to the state DMV if you dont get your car registered with the state." He did exactly what he said and I punched him in the face for it. We are not frinds anymore. I can't stand ANY busybody like this. Let's just say busybodies are the fingernails and we are their chalkboard.

Busy bodies are usually self-rightous hypocrites that are quick to point out the faults in others but get defensive when you point out theirs.
I can't stand any busybody. I want to puch them all in the mouth.
by krock1dk December 17, 2007
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Literally God’s country. A tiny Southwest Asian country along the Mediterranean Sea that borders Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon. The capital is Jerusalem and the largest city is Tel Aviv. 87% of its population is Jewish. Israel was recognized by the U.N. on May 15th, 1948 as a safe haven for Jews. The state of Israel has been attacked numerous times by Palestinean sympathizers including all of its neighbors and terrorists, but emerges victorious every time. One of its earliest was the 6-day War that Israel won hands down. The Middle East is almost unanimously united against the Israelis and has failed in its decades- long conquest of destroying Israel. The Bible teaches that Israel literally belongs to God and will NEVER be destroyed, due to his covenant with Abraham and the Jews. Jerusalem will be the focal point of the "last days" described in the Bible in the Books of Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Revelation. Here’s the facts….Israel has legitimacy and a legal right to exist while Palestine does not. Palestine has NEVER existed nor had its own currency or language. The name “Palestine” was only given by the Roman Empire to identify the area that Israel now stands. Period. If anything, the land of Palestine actually belongs to Israel.

Israel may be a tiny country, but it is considered to be the most powerful in the Middle East—even stronger than Iran. The only friend(s) Israel has is God Almighty and the good ‘ole U.S.A, fortunately. Israel will NEVER be destroyed and its enemies are wasting their time. Israelis and the Jews need not fear for the future. The Bible teaches they will always be safe and that God WILL defend it in the last days. It will be where Christ establishes his everlasting Kingdom and throne when he returns for the 2nd coming. There is no doubt that Jews and Israel is “God’s chosen people.”
As a Christian, I strongly support the nation of Israel. The Bible teaches it belongs to God (by his covenant with Abraham and the Jews) and always will.
by krock1dk December 06, 2007
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