an excuse or expression used when you don't want others to know you are planing on having sex
person 1: You doing anything tonight?
person 2: Oh yea i am paying bills all night long.
by gwscraggs May 26, 2005
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Leaving one’s job for what is supposed to be a short period of time, but then never coming back.
line cook 1: Hey I thought Mike was supposed to be working pizza tonight
Line cook 2: yeah he went to pay bills at 2:00 and was supposed to back at 3:00, but now it’s a quarter till 5:00 and we are fucked.
by D.B. Wong August 11, 2019
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phrase used to reassure someone of a situation; another way of saying fo sho
John: yo is it ok if we go to that party?
Nick: are you kidding? I pay bills there
by Nick Lapollo November 01, 2008
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Commonly used on tv shows when they want to take a commercial break.

Or it could actually mean paying your bills, electricity, water, et cetera.
Let's take a quick break to go pay some bills.
by Tazzie Boo July 19, 2008
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The act of secretly masturbating to online pornography, while claiming that you are doing legitimate online business.
Sam knocked on his roommate's door, "Hey you wanna go out to a bar? Maybe we can meet some girls and hookup with them." Roommate replies, "Nah that's okay. I think I'll pay the bills online and call it a night."
by Secret TM December 14, 2016
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The term "Paying my bills" is generally slang for Masturbation (Jacking off, Beating your meat, choking the chicken)
I got home last night after practice and decided to "Pay my bills."

"Made by the crimsion chin"
by Mascottt April 08, 2010
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to do things right/correctly/the way they are supposed to be done/ on time the first time round, so as to avoid either having to waste more energy, time, money and/or effort redoing the same job twice.
Father: listen, Carl. If I'd be your teacher, I would have reacted the exact same way. Just look at your penmanship. Ça laisse à désirer. I can't even , lol, call it handwriting, it would probably, immb qualify as turkey-chicken scrawl. Now the moral of the fable is of course to pay your bills on time. Now, take this travail bâclé afaap out of my sight and rewrite your homework.
by Sexydimma October 07, 2012
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