v. to pleasure yourself watching youporn.com
Agent Sakamoto: So when was the last time you reassured yourself?

Agent Sicre: Last night, once, before bed time. Y tu?

Agent Sakamoto: Twice this morning, once at lunch, and one more before going to bed - think of you of course!

Agent Sicre: Awwww..You're so sweeeeet! That much reassurance, huh?

Agent Sakamoto: Now you know the secret of my confidence displayed before you.

Agent Sicre: I can't wait. See you in a twenty minutes.

Agent Sakamoto: Gigggity.
by WesleySakamoto March 23, 2009
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Needs a constant reminder from a doubt they might have
Girlfriend: “do you still like me?”
Boyfriend: “yes baby

Girlfriend: “okay just needed reassurance :)”
by Glazedonuts19 February 25, 2021
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The art of continually repeating a lie you fabricated and subsequently keep making an ass out of yourself.
Girl: How Much Money Do You Make?

Dude: I make 52 an hr.

Girl: Oh

Dude: Yeah Im pretty bored making 52 dollars an hr.

Girl: Okay

Dude: <reassurance> Yeah making 52 an hr is like 2 grand a week. It's pretty sweet.
by COCO284 July 29, 2009
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When someone says something that may otherwise be mistaken as serious, but follows it with a smiley that helps reduce the tension and lets the second person know it was a joke.
Dude 1: Your mothers a filthy whore
Dude 1: :P (reassurance smiley)

Dude 2: lol
by Chocosaurus February 25, 2010
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During the early parts of a relationship, when your anxiety ridden ass keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop, because you're used to every serious relationship going wrong. This one is different though and you know it, so you explain to her what you're feeling and she reassures you in the best way possible...on her knees.
You: Babe, I keep feeling like something is going to go wrong, even though I know we're going great. I guess I'm just too used to things going sideways for me, when I really like someone.

Her: Aww, baby, no. I think you need some reassurance head. (gets on knees and ties hair back).
by Anxious Sack Of Water August 08, 2019
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Refers to da cheerful/casual whistling/humming/singing dat you're always super-glad/relieved to hear emanating from a mechanic, carpenter, or other repairman as he's working on your in-need-of-fixing item, since this unflustered tune-making indicates that whatever mending/alterations which are required to restore your device are merely "all in a day's work" or "old hat" with him; i.e., he's confidently proceeding with the task and is not concerned that there will be any snags. problems, or delays in said repairs.
Hearing the gloriously-welcome musical reassurance from a service-person produces a similar radiant hopefulness that you experience from being present during an "Ohhhhhhh...!" moment, since in both cases you feel pleasantly relieved that your device is indeed not irreparably damaged/worn/aged, and therefore it will probably be up-and-running again in a fairly short time.
by QuacksO June 12, 2019
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