a quick trip to the toilet to use the facilities. take a quick bathroom break.
stems from the rushed toilet break one takes during commercials when watching TV.
- Man, I've had too much beer atm, I need a commercial break before next round.
- After Dave downed a supersized coke in one go, he desperately needed a commercial break.
by blyant November 1, 2008
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When you screw something up so badly in front of so many people, that you wish you were being pre-recorded on TV so you could ask the technical staff to literally "cut to commercial break." The cut to commercial break indicates that you have achieved an Xbox like screw up. If you were in a video game, the achievement "Worst thing you've done this year" would indicate below you on screen.
I had a savage, throbbing boner during my job interview yesterday. When I stood up, it kinked in my pants like a broken candy bar and I know the hiring manager saw it. I really wished I could have cut to commercial break. I could hear him telling his buddy I must be "fun sized" on the way out of the lobby.
by CPT Ron July 20, 2020
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