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dollars; specifically 100 dolars
by Bubba January 22, 2004
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When you eat dirt for the first time and leave your family to build a shack in the woods
Bro since I got dirtpilled on Tuesday I have made sooo many worm friends and made them soo many little houses to get married in. Me? Lonely? No you’re the lonely one u lawn owning freak
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by ecogoth December 30, 2020
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Used to express a hundred (100).
Ex1:Guy probably weighed three bills.

Ex2:You still owe me 2 bills.

Ex3:Huge crowd, were talking 4 bills.

Ex4:That girl set me back 6 bills.
by Kraig3 July 28, 2006
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A totally hot guy who is so freaking smart but is not geeky. Bill is witty and has a quick wicked sense of humor tinged with mild harmless sarcasm.

Quiet during the day but party animal on weekends, in a good way. He can have fun! Likes all kinds of sports, usually has mesmerizing bedroom eyes.

Bill is that hot guy in homeroom who doesn't know he's hot, which is why he's so dang hot.

If you are lucky enough to be friends with a "Bill", then consider yourself set for life. Bill is a loyal friend who will stick by you through thick and thin even if you are annoying the heck out of him or making him mad.

He is a peacemaker, calm, a "go to" guy but he can party it up with the best of them. He is accepting and non-judgmental, and kind-hearted to everybody. Bill is just awesome in every single way. Chicks dig him, guys are good friends with him, everybody loves Bill.
"Who's that guy in homeroom that's real smart, funny, and hot even though he doesn't think he's hot?"

"Girl, that is a Bill. You gotta stand in line like the rest of us chicks until it's your turn - he in deeemand. I best hook up wid dat awesome hottie fo sho."
by ShortySmartyBookyGurl February 04, 2010
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one who which is drop dead sexy has a massive penis and will punch anyone out who pisses him off. also bill has ill skillz in everything. Most people know him as a balla.
hey bill whats up? - bill what are you doing tonight?
by build-a-bong February 24, 2007
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The most amazing guy ever. Seriously sweet, hilarious, so loving his girlfriend has no idea what to do with herself. He's the best person she's ever had the pleasure of being close to. He may be a bit jealous at times but it doesn't matter because he's got a ton of really good qualities. A Bill likes long relationships and is very good at knowing how to keep his girl. He makes you feel confident and able to be yourself around him. He has the ability to calm others. Super silly (: but always my favorite.
A group of friends is arguing in the hallway when Bill walks in.

the arguing stops.
by kelsiefaceee(: July 26, 2009
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BILL is a good natured person, but makes terrible life decisions. Like deciding to play tennis instead of cross country OR football. And being born on Donald Trumps Birthday. He’s better than his twin though. He sometimes ends up disappointing Batman, who will disown him if he doesn’t do cross. He loves girls with the name Margot, and has loved exactly three people with that name. We all feel bad for Margot. Poor Margot. Sad, loved Margot. She’s running Cross country. Why won’t you Luke? Tennis is for old people. Soccer is better than tennis. BOWLING is better than tennis. You make us all very happy, but very sad.
Luke: Did you hear what Bill did?

Tommy: No! What did he do this time?
Luke: He one upped Chris in every sport ever!
Tommy: WOW! That’s so cool. Chris sucks
by Dante1280 October 30, 2019
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