"In the meadow we can see a snowman. Let's pretend that he is Parson Brown."
by ScottX September 11, 2006
a man with a hunch back who smells like oatmeal and likes to look at teenage girls.
that parson smells like the quaker oats guy!
by laney4662 May 2, 2008
When a girl sticks her entire tounge in your asshole.
Last night I was with a girl and she gave me a Parson. I've never had the full tounge before.
by Damdul March 6, 2010
Noun - par·son \ ˈpär-sᵊn \

Definition: Someone who is woke and preaches the truth about a matter.

The original definition from the 13th century applied to a priest of an independent church that was not under the control of a larger organization. Parson came from the from Latin word persona, literally meaning, "person" with authority.

The title of Parson fell out of mainstream usage in the 19th century and increasingly so as religion fell out of favor in the 21st century. However, due to social media presence of celebrities, as well as the recognition of historical black figures from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, many famous "Parsons" have taken the spotlight, bringing the word back into favorable usage and separating itself from its original definition into a broader term for a preacher.

Famous Parsons include:

Lucy Parsons (1853–1942) Activist, anarchist, and writer who stood up for minorities and women's rights, challenging the racist and sexist sentiment in America.

Karyn Parsons (1966 - Current) Famous actor from the "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Founded the Sweet Blackberry organization used to reach children and give a voice to lesser-known African-American figures.

Jim Parsons (1973-Current) TV’s Highest paid openly gay actor is known for playing Sheldon Cooper in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Was accepted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 11, 2015.
Person: I don't understand why it's called the "Black Lives Matter" movement, don't all lives matter?"

Parson: Of course all lives matter, but there were 300 years of American history during which Black lives did not matter. Black Americans could not get fair trials, lynching was not uncommon because killing Black people was not officially a crime in the mid-twentieth century. That's not ancient history. The movement called Black Lives Matter has opened up a dialog of the social injustices of the Black population that are still taking place today in America."
by Nosrap December 25, 2017
Parsons are usually tall handsome and charming. There from Germany but on acasion can be found in the USA. They first some reason support socialism, and some people even believe them to be a myth to scare the American people. If you ever come across one be warned they are extremely athletic attractive and may speak in there native language (German) The best course of Action in case of crossing one give them some ki d of fruit or vegetable, because they are known to be health nuts.
Be careful I heard there's Parsons hiding out here.
by Weston_the great June 1, 2020
A Parsons is a person who likes cats, is totally obsessed with kids' shows. Thinks other people care about him while everyone hates him. Overall failure in life.
'Hey guss big news' "No, shut up" 'I found a bug' "Nobody cares" '<imageshack link>' `lol, what a parsons´
by Joeytje50 June 17, 2011
Named after a kid named Parsons. Verb; to play the worst practical joke possible on someone.
I'm gonna parson his house the fuck up.


You just got parsoned
by von herring October 29, 2004