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Black Lives Matter: The social movement advocating the view that the lives of blacks-matter more than other lives to include those who are the victims of black on white crime.
In an effort to draw attention to their questionable cause, representatives of Black Lives Matter set about disrupting activities at social and political events across the United States in 2015 and then , to their supreme mystification, were befuddled by the backlash they generated which they attributed to racisim.
by Wood Bee Righter April 02, 2016
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An embarrassing movement for African American equality that only furthers racial discrimination by self separation of Black Americans from their country. However practicing the right of freedom of speech, while discriminating against ALL other races within the country. Racial discrimination has always been present in the United States of America and has jeopardised the Unity of the Nation. Proving that race only becomes an issue when a person is put into a category of skin color rather than Nationality.
American: "So you are protesting for equality of Americans?"
Protester: "No, I am protesting for Black American Equality."
American: "So you are separating yourself from a Nation United under one flag that has given you the right to do so without facing criminal punishment, yet deface that same flag?"
Protester:"Yes... I think?"
Black Lives Matter!
by cushybushy January 25, 2016
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The stuff left after the coroner cleans up from a gangsta shooting.
Man, there was a whole Lotta blacklivesmatter on the street afta that shootin, damn!
by JerryRyan September 05, 2016
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Easily the worst organization ever known for burning down the cities killing people and destroying the cities they live in and accomplishing jack shit compared too M.L.K. Jr. who burned nothing stole nothing killed no one and he changed the world
O wow what a surprise black lives matter burned down another city after the cop shot and killed the black who tried to steal the cop's gun and kill the cop
by President Obama approves November 20, 2016
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Blacks who want to be treated equally and be respected yet they bash other races and commit awful hate crimes like BLMKidnapping and still claim we are the problem
Word of advice Black Lives Matter people, treat others the way you want to be treated
by CrispyMiner January 11, 2017
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A terrible corruption of Grass Lives Matter, which advocates violence rather than peace and harmony. Black Lives Matter, or BLM members are not all violent and racist, however, the ones who are just prove the phrase "sore thumbs stick out". They tend to fail to see that we are plants as a whole and all need to be respected.

They also tend to spew bullshit. Not the shit that can be used as good fertilizer for us plants. See bullshit.
"Y'all white wiggers be racist," a radical Black Lives Matter member said.

Advocate peace and love rather than racial superiority.
by 🌲 Tree 🌲 December 05, 2016
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A movement in the new age which addresses supposed black issues in America while kidnapping people for voting for Trump and in sighting violence. They also get a massive trigger when you say All Lives Matter.
Black Lives Matter is a synonym of Terrorism.
by FederalistNational June 22, 2017
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