What I wear on my head to amuse my chums and associates.
"Will sir be wearing his pants on his head today?" - My Butler
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 26, 2003
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v. The act of pulling down someone's pants
Crazy Achmed just got pants'd by that asshole over there
by Lagman March 12, 2003
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Something that is really fucking lame.
Common usage- Good god, that man's outfit consisting of Hawaiian shirt, purple slacks and Keds is pants.
by Box August 08, 2004
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A piece of clothing that covers up the ass leg's and crotch
Brandon : Wow Kiersten you have such a nice ass!
Kiersten : Thanks would you like to touch it?
Brandon : Uh Yeah! But your Pant's seem to be covering it up!
Kiersten : Oh silly me let me take them off!
Brandon : Mmmmm! Your ass is so firm!
Kiersten : Thanks I work out!
Brandon : And you have a nice pussy as well!
Kiersten : Would you like to touch it?
Brandon : Uh Yeah! But your thong is covering it up!
Kiersten : Oh Brandon let me take it off!
Kiersten : Oh wow I made Brandon cum in his Pant's!
Kaylee : Kiersten put your Pant's back on!
by SlopNChop January 11, 2018
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In place of any word deemed innapropriate or foul, use the word "pants". This allows you to get your intentions across, but allows for some humor and a clean mouth as well. Grandma panties is derivitive of pants and is a very bad insult that can mean whatever you wish it to mean, as long as it was originally supposed to be innapropriate.
1. Go to pants!
2. Pants you!
3. Pants off!
4. I'm getting pantsed.
5. You're a pants!
6. I just took a huge pants.
7. Pants, you lookin' gooood!
8. That was pantsing stupid!
9. You're a pants pantsing pants who pantses every pantsing pants that pantsing comes your pantsing way, therefore you and your pantsing pants should go to pants!
10. You're a pair of grandma panties!
by Bacian August 29, 2009
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