After depantsing Amanda, I had my way with her.
by rowdy roddy January 27, 2003
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the stupid idiotic mountain folk versoin of pantsing.
I got sent to the principle's office for trying to pants someone. he told me depantsing hurts people's self-esteem
by Sprokett May 10, 2006
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The opposite of pantsing someone. To pants is to pull one's pants down, and to depants is to pull the pants back up. Common knowledge..
Liz: Let's go pants him!
Lily: Ok, then after, I will go depants him!
Liz: Sounds like a plan, Stan!
by Lizgiiahsehlkasjd April 23, 2013
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When one has their pants and underwear pulled down, usually in public for maximum embarrassment.
We giggled uncontrollably as Kate depantsed Ryan in the middle of the crowded mall!
by super hot Sarah May 19, 2010
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gary depantsed me in the hall - it was so embarassing!
by ad November 19, 2003
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Forcibly stripped of one’s trousers, usually in public.
As punishment for taking a third helping of cilantro cheesecake without first asking for permission, Johnnie was mercilessly jeered, then depantsed and soundly paddled.
by Big Bank Hank April 14, 2004
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the act of severely embarassing, humiliating another
Rick Carlisle gets special mention for depantsing Doc Rivers in the 2005 NBA playoffs.
by Dave0879 April 13, 2007
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