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Chorns (special gloves used in the practice of yarndling) are often bifurcated. Bifurcated chorns have a deeper knap and often a finer degree of kedding than non-bifurcated chorns. Historians disagree on the first appearance of bifurcated chorns. Some say Kidderminster in the 1880s, others Wrexham in the 1890s. But what most experts agree on is that the bifurcation process is nowadays integral if one takes yarndling at all seriously,
Maxine showed me her bifurcated chorns yesterday, and I for one am deeply jealous of their magnificent kedding.
by Cod Michael May 22, 2020
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Two groups or branches;
Two sides
Politics is usually bifurcated into two groups: Democratic and Republican
by graciebethie August 05, 2009
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