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(a) Noun. American, also used in some British dialects. Trousers, a bifurcated outer garment covering the body and each leg from waist to ankle. Until the late 20th century traditionally a male garment.

(b) Noun. British. Underpants.

(c) Verb. American. To pull down someone's pants (trousers). Can be done to either males or females by either males or females. See also depants

(d) Verb. American. To overpower someone and remove his trousers by force as a humiliation. Equivalent to the British debag. Usually only done to males as removal of the pants, the traditional male garment, is a symbolic emasculation. Pantsing in this sense may be used as an initiation rite, a punishment, or just done for fun. See also depants

(e) Verb. American. Strip someone naked.

(f) Verb. American. Inflict a crushing defeat on someone.

(g) Verb. American. To inflict crushing criticism on someone.

(h) Adjective. British. Rubbish
(a) Girls are not permitted to wear pants at this school.

(b) He had nothing on but his pants and socks.

(c) While I was talking to some girls my so-called friend came up behind me and pantsed me.

(d) We grabbed him, took him behind the bushes and held him down while the girls pantsed him.

(e) We pantsed him, got all his clothes off.

(f) Our team got pantsed again.

(g) Don't make silly comments in an Internet discussion group or you will be publicly pantsed.

(h) Your opinion is pants.
by Simon Knuckleweed January 29, 2004
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British & Commonwealth slang): Remove someone's trousers by force to humiliate him, a popular practice among teenage boys as an initiation rite or a punishment for someone who has made himself unpopular. Victims are almost always male as detrousering can be regarded as symbolic emasculation. Traditionally most debaggings were carried out by males, but the presence of girls as onlookers or participants adds to the humiliation, and evidence suggests an ncreasing tendancy for girls to take the law, and the trousers, into their own hands. After the victim's trousers are removed they may be returned to him, thrown around while he tries to retrieve them, or placed in an inaccessible or public place.
(1) New boys are always debagged in their first week.

(2) The older girls were well aware of the effectiveness of debagging in dealing with arrogant boys.
by Simon Knuckleweed January 9, 2004
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(British & Coomonwealth) : The action of removing someone's trousers by force as a huiliation
His behaviour had more than once earned him a debagging.
by Simon Knuckleweed January 9, 2004
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