4 definitions by ranger bill

God figure of sleaze. Can be used as a replacement figurehead for any sleazy versions of holidays.
Dude, look what Sleazus dropped down my "chimney" from his big bag of "presents"!
by ranger bill May 21, 2008
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those things covering your lower extremities, that are always chafing and uncomfortable. It's probably best to remove them.
Dude, these pants are constricting! Good thing it's Pantsless Day in the office! Freedom for the pasty flesh!
by ranger bill May 21, 2008
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to both spank and hug, and tackle someone at the same time, or in rapid succession. Usually used as shorthand in online chats.
/me spankles newguy123
by ranger bill May 20, 2008
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an entry point to a room for those...of special intelligence, or of great altitude and velocity.
dude...the Retard just "dropped" in...through the ceiling!
by ranger bill May 21, 2008
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