British & Commonwealth slang): Remove someone's trousers by force to humiliate him, a popular practice among teenage boys as an initiation rite or a punishment for someone who has made himself unpopular. Victims are almost always male as detrousering can be regarded as symbolic emasculation. Traditionally most debaggings were carried out by males, but the presence of girls as onlookers or participants adds to the humiliation, and evidence suggests an ncreasing tendancy for girls to take the law, and the trousers, into their own hands. After the victim's trousers are removed they may be returned to him, thrown around while he tries to retrieve them, or placed in an inaccessible or public place.
(1) New boys are always debagged in their first week.

(2) The older girls were well aware of the effectiveness of debagging in dealing with arrogant boys.
by Simon Knuckleweed January 9, 2004
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To have you area's exposed to the world
by Thom October 13, 2003
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(British & Coomonwealth) : The action of removing someone's trousers by force as a huiliation
His behaviour had more than once earned him a debagging.
by Simon Knuckleweed January 9, 2004
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pants pulled down and maybe underwear
i debagged t o b y h e s s i o n !!
by hession tobie hession September 21, 2009
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Irish practical joke
To covertly acquire someones schoolbag, turn it inside out, replace the contents and return the bag to owner, without them noticing.
To really go for it, you can also turn their pencil cases, folders and even sandwiches inside out. When properly executed, there is no prank like a good debagging.
Warning: Debagging someone can trigger a wave of retalitory debaggings, which can trigger a full scale "debagging war" within the entire school. Some particurally epic wars have been known to go on for several weeks.
For the ultimate thrill, try debagging a teacher during class!!!
That wank-stain John just debagged me.
Want to start a debagging war?
by S.oliver December 8, 2008
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A generic Twitter user with a DeGod or y00ts profile picture. Bag biased.
I made a tweet about Frank and suddenly 12 DeBags were in the replies.
by JagoeCapital November 28, 2022
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