The only place where you can pee and it feels good.
Joe peed his pants twenty times in one day.
by The Amazing Pickle June 10, 2018
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A verb used to express the action of pulling down someone's pants, usually by surprise. To "double pants" someone is to pull down both their pants and underwear at the same time.
by Ainolketta June 27, 2005
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a word homosexuals use to describe the act of anal intercourse.
After watching a man JO in the Gold's Gym showers, Chris turned around and took it in the pants.
by Timmy PE January 6, 2005
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1) An item of clothing which many people seem to have a complicated love/hate relationship with.
2) An ending to a sentence when you can't think of anything else to say, because you're tired or awkward, as opposed to trailing off and leaving an awkward silence.
1) This morning I felt like wearing pants, but right now my legs beg to be free!
2) "...And that's when I realized I'd known her all along but had forgotten her face... Erm, pants."
by Luna July 26, 2004
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The things you wear on yout legs. They protect you from the cold and cover up your underwear, also taken off before sex.
by Kim Fiedler May 30, 2006
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An interchangeable word, meaning just about anything depending on the context.
You got tickets? Yes! That's so PANTS!

Did you see that skank he's dating? She's completely pants.
by Liz November 20, 2003
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an article of clothing that is meant to be taken off
dude i love these pants...ON MY FLOOR!!
by the nudist on strike June 6, 2009
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