Pant is used to describe paint that has not been able to dry you can have multiple layers of pant
There was pink pant underneath the black pant
by Archie Tartan January 31, 2019
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One leg within a pair of pants; used to refer to just part of one garment.
The right pant has dust on it from all the blow I did last night.
by MW December 21, 2003
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Used to describe something or a situation that is ridiculously awesome.

Shannon: "Yo man, I totally boned my proff today after class!"
Jeffrey: "Yo man, thats so PANTS!"
by Lulupoopoo October 08, 2008
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The most painful, obnoxious, pointless creation since family sized packs of frozen sprouts. I mean. WHAT IS THE POINT? They give you wedgies, they show under clothes, and you only really need them for five days in the average month.
Granny pants, girl boxers, french knickers, thongs, g-strings, Bridget Jones pants.
by RieRieRie February 27, 2010
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