1. An error made generally through lack of experience. A shortened form of schoolboy error
2. Derogatory phrase used when someone makes an error or goof or misplays

See also schoolboy defending
*Brad makes misplay*

by Eddie Ross June 28, 2006
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British slang. Short for a "schoolboy mistake".

1. A trivial mistake that an inexperienced person might make.

2. A short-sighted mistake that could have been avoided with more care.

Similar to a "rookie mistake" in US slang.
You wore sneakers to the hottest nightclub in town? No wonder you got turned away at the door. That was a schoolboy.
by wizurdUvRythmn February 28, 2011
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When a guy attempts to talk to a girl whom he finds attractive but then totally blows it by stuttering or making sounds (usually loud) that more resemble animal noises than actual human speech. This often will frighten the pursued female, causing her to run for safety and will certainly become a source of ridicule for the "schoolboy" should any friends witness or find out about the event.
Drive-thru lady: Here are your milkshakes, guys.
Dan (driver): Thanks!
George (passenger): (whispering) Dan, say something nice to her to make her feel special.
(Dan then proceeds to peel out of the drive-thru lane due to overwhelming fear, blowing any chance to ask the lady out for a date)
Drive-thru lady: Those white boys are freaks.
George: Man, you really schoolboyed it there, Dan. I can't wait to tell everyone I know exactly what happened.
by dannyp76 July 13, 2011
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A way of pissing urinating against a wall during a drunken state whilst pulling your keckstrousers (including undiesunderpants) down to your ankles and lifting up your shirt. This is known as a schoolboy as it replicates the way little children piss in urinals in public toilets and the way we all pissed as a school boy. A true schoolboy will involve pissing no handed whilst holding up your shirt with both hands.
"Did you see Callaghan doing a Schoolboy at Leedsfest whilst Arcade Fire played? What a dire choice of headliner, although they are a great live band and help Leeds maintain its musical credibility".
by SchoolboyCallaghan August 31, 2010
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Siting on someones stomach close to their face with your knees on their arms. Making it hard to get out of.
I did a schoolboy pin on my friend yesterday. He struggled to get out.
by Brainiacs December 6, 2011
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A very good west coast rapper.
He capitalizes the H in everything he makes because he used to be part of the Hoover Street Crips.

Although he raps about drugs a lot, his lyrics often have deeper meanings. Most of his rap is either groovy, feel good weed rhymes or serious, socially conscious rhymes that are still groovy.

Unlike Kendrick Lamar, who is another great rapper, it's easier to dance to ScHoolboy Q.

Also, her is very chill and his music is very inspiring. Compared to many mainstream rappers out there, ScHoolboy Q and his gangsta rap are some of the finest out there.
What's ScHoolboy Q's best songs?

#BETiGOTSUMWEED, Break tHe Bank, Hell of a Night, Yay Yay, Situations, and Live Again are great tracks! ScHoolboy Q inspired me to create my own music to make the world a better place!
by realacy November 14, 2014
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A dope rapper from L.A. who wears a bucket hat and smokes a ton of weed
"Yo bro who's that rapper who made Collard Greens and Hans that's stupidnhat"
"Oh yea bro that's Schoolboy Q"
by Vslayer October 5, 2014
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