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An interesting way for saying "And so on".
It's fwahkin' well bwahd, ennit?
It's for the bruvva in every one of us.
by Vansen August 08, 2005
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Own- To own.

To own is to beat an opponent while displaying a high degree of skill and style.
Headshot. Owned.

Pistol kill from Zais-
Zais: Heheh, owned.
by Vansen April 27, 2005
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A pagan almost-melodic black metal band from Prussia. This band deals mainly with the issues of the old pagan countries that fell to Christianity (last of which was Latvia, I'm not sure exactly when, I would say roughly 1200) and the issue of Christianity destroying the pagan traditions. The lyrics are sweet, thought-provoking and very moving and the instrumentality is brilliant.

I would recomend their two albums- Damnation of Regiomontum and FireStorm to anyone interested in melodic death & black or pagan music.
Born to be Free...
Like wind in the skies...
Born to be Strong...
Now close Your eyes...
Proud name 'The Man'
Should not be lost
Hold it in the memory
of your hearts.

No more! Brothers! Now is your time to rise!
Your God in Your Mind.
by Vansen August 08, 2005
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