A notification in the Unreal Tournament series (and often times in Counter-Strike) that alerts you when your face has been pwned.
cAWP (Terrorist): Sector clear.
*DEAD* cAWP: :(
by Brandon Nolan June 28, 2005
Headshot originated from the game Unreal Tournament, and has been used by FPS players since then. The word is while one is playing an fps, when suddenly out of no where "BOOM, HEADSHOT." When you get a headshot, this may lead to extreme happiness in yourself, because you just pwned that little J00. However, when you are given a headshot, you may tend to scream out, "WTF, Thats Bullshit, LEAVE THE GAME HACKER!"
While playing Counter Strike you may flashbang someone, turn the corner to see them completely blind. You start to shoot at them at point blank, hitting them 2 times, giving them a total of 67 damage. As they become unblind, they will turn and shoot you in the forehead causing instant death. This is known as a "Headshot." Some players will scream out " WHAT THE HELL IS THE TIC RATE IN THIS JOINT?" Others might take it out on things or people around them at the time of the owning.
by Mike Black September 17, 2006
Nothing sweeter than getting a headshot, sending a slug through your enemy's brains :D
by SekkzBeest February 22, 2009
When masturbating, you ejaculate with so much force that you hit your face.
Ryan: "dude i got a headshot last night."

Seth: "really? nice! on call of duty? with what a pistol? and who'd you hit?

Ryan: "Naw man. it was with my dick. and i hit myself."
by ooglytoop7272 October 21, 2010
What the person who shot Osama Bin Laden Yelled after shooting him.
Person 1: Ow, stop shooting me with that that elastic band.
Person 2: Headshot!
by Me, You, and I January 1, 2012
When an object hits the head and brain splatters everywhere
by my name is anonimous February 7, 2009
Getting head while playing COD MW2. The new Blumpkin, except much more exhilarating!
That dude got a nice headshot at the gamers' tourney after he became the COD MW2 champ.
by AussBoss February 17, 2010