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When someone, usually close to you, wants to follow you or be with you too much of the time.
“Hey, where are you going?”
“Nowhere, just stretching my legs.”
“Sounds lovely, I’ll join you!”
“Don’t be smothery, Oz. If I wanted you to join, I’d ask.”
by Bah Zah June 18, 2022
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A person who forces themselves onto other people conversationally. They will intrude in your personal sphere by forcing conversation (usually of low quality) onto you.
I came into work this morning hoping for some peace and quiet and I had to endure it in both ears from John and Janet. It was like I was being spit roasted by them. They're such conversation rapists.
by Bah Zah January 8, 2020
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Daniel Sloss whilst streaming on Twitch (in a Scottish accent): were you trying to say open flesh wound or the word vagina, because where I come from the words open flesh wound are used to mean the word vagina.
by Bah Zah February 1, 2021
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Like word salad but the words coming out of the person speaking actually sound intelligent and enable the speaker to come across as intellectual. Intellectual origami involves sounding intellectual for the sake of sounding intellectual. The speaker will use high profile and scientific sounding words. Think of origami like an intricately folded collection of sharp edges which look impressive, but have much less weight than you’d think.
Paul from Love Is Blind deployed his intellectual origami when speaking or answering any question that production asked him. It would sound impressive, but ultimately it was just a form of intellectual word salad.
by Bah Zah May 5, 2023
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When something is so funny you need to declare it. Sometime you will hear a Gen Z or even a millennial say “LOL” or “lol”. Oh my lol implies that but with a little more efficacy.
Did you just hear that our MP has been described as having the shelf life of lettuce?
Oh my lol, I heard that! She’s getting shredded!
by Bah Zah October 14, 2022
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The root of all contemporary mental, physical, and spiritual diseases. Extinction Illness, the essential cellular knowledge and terror that one’s life, one’s people’s lives, all life is threatened, that lineage is disappearing, that we, all, may well become extinct within a very short period of time, that the future will be eradicated.

Our bodies, minds, souls are reeling with the terrible reality of what we have done, are doing, consciously and unconsciously. Extinction is our fault. The unconscious knows. The soul knows. The connected life system knows even if the individual isn’t consciously aware. He/she/they were born into the network of all life and Life knows too. As Ubuntu teaches, “I am because you are,” which now we must rephrase: I will not be because you will not be. I will not be if you will not be.

Extinction Illness. A world condition and a world affliction. Perhaps this systemic affliction is at the root of all our current global plagues, diseases, and illnesses.
There is pharmaceutical for Extinction Illness, and none for Extinction. Extinction Illness tells us that we cannot survive alone as the life force and life cycles depend absolutely on diversity and the abundance of all the life forms. We have to save everyone’s life, human and non-human.
by Bah Zah January 8, 2020
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Basically means overrated. But when something is overhyped it is really too much. Been there, done that. Enough said.

Can be used to say to describe a state of high elation.
I am feeling totally overhyped after watching that bboying vid! It was sick!

Christmas is totally overhyped, it's not even gone October yet and we're already being bombared from every direction with it, as if preparing for it were the single most important oncoming event in our lives.
by Bah Zah October 30, 2010
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