anime that is so good that if you search it up + analysis, you'll get twenty page essays analyzing it
person 1: have you watched neon genesis evangelion?
person 2: it's peak fiction
by lillydabeast November 24, 2020
an absolute work of art truly worth being called a “masterpiece.”
Ayo have you seen Vinland Saga? That shit is peak fiction.”
by fwkoto January 15, 2022
“Do you know the manga Vagabond?”
Yes, that’s peak fiction”
by bobthegoated May 17, 2022
Dragon Ball Z of course. The anime that made anime popular today and so many animes wouldnt exist without it.
Bozo: Dragon ball is mid

Alpha: No its peak fiction stay mad+ratio+L
by Animekid999 January 31, 2022
Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball is Peak Fiction
"Hey bro, what's another word for Peak Fiction ?"
"Dragon Ball, bro"
"Thanks bro"
by DontCallMeWeekly September 12, 2021