Dance that originated in The 1980s. Commonly called breakdancing.
I love bboying. It's sick.
by Fred2028 November 30, 2006
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- Break Boy , the true name for what the media called "breakdancing". You men and women that got off to the break of a song
JoJo, Spy, Jimmy Dee, were Bboys from the original Rock Steady Crew.
by maze January 5, 2004
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bboy stands for break boy and is the only true dance of hip hop. The name was givin first by dj kool herc to his dancers at one of his famous parties. Break can stand for a few things. It can stand for when the dj played a song and extended the break for people to dance, and it can also stand for people trying to reach a breaking point in their dancing and trying to reach new limits. The media began to call it "break dancing" but that is not the correct name. Bboying started with top rocking and dancing at parties, then was taken to the floor by people like the nigga twins. Now over time it as progressed and become more acrobatic and has added new style. Bboying is an element of hip hop and is its own dance, but a lot of moves came from a variety of places including tap, jazz, gymnastics, capoeira, and yoga, and keeps on growing.
Look at all the bboys and bgirls.
I was bboying.
by steve-miller September 1, 2006
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bboy means "beat boy"
the media calls it "breakdancing"
but u can't breakdance without a beat
"beat boy is the original name for bboy"

don't believe me?
watch Planet Bboy.
bboys break to a "beat"
by xlilxdragox March 5, 2009
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a typical bitch boi

Usually used with the prefix "lil", as in "lil bboi"
"Damn dude David's going full on bboi rn."

"Dhiren is a lil bboi"
by thewolf2898 February 3, 2021
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bboy Domkey
Bboy Domkey representing Beat Whakz ,Lionz of Zion and Flying Fist From the Floor. He dances with originality and mad flavor. He is one of the most stylish dancers in the world. Real bboy!!!!

Hey look it's Domkey the Italian Christmas donkey!
by Jouz December 3, 2010
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not "break boy"! or "Bronx boy"

its not breakdancing its bboying
bboy stands for "beat boy"
because we dance to the beat

a bboy is a dancer of one of the elements of hip hop bboying which is the true dance of hip hop
by bboynick May 22, 2009
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