6 definitions by Luvbug8

Someone who tries to hard to be cool/someone they're not.
Bobby from Ikon is a tryhard.
by Luvbug8 January 25, 2016
Johnny is such a fuckboy. He pretends he loves every girl he's with, but he's only in it for sex.
by Luvbug8 November 17, 2019
Emma: I look better than all of yall
Stacey: Emma is so Saditty
by Luvbug8 December 8, 2019
When something or someone gets talked about or praised too much.
I don't get the overhype about the movie frozen .
by Luvbug8 September 14, 2018
A ladies man is a man who attracts a lot of women.
All the women flock to Tom because he's tall, handsome, and wealthy. He is such a ladies man.
by Luvbug8 December 22, 2019
Savage is a word that's used to compliment people who think they are cool for being Assholes Rude and Brutally Honest
Person 1: So what do you think about me and my friend?

Person 2: I think your friend is hot, you on the other hand is ugly as fuck.

Person 3: DAmn hE's SaVaGE As FuCK.
by Luvbug8 November 25, 2019