Spencer: im a comp sci and social psych major
Chris: well there's no need to brag about it jesus.
by Chris Gwynne February 28, 2006
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to talk highly of oneself with excessive pride, comes off uncharming
Preston brags a lot on Instagram about his clothes and car
by Me. Whiskers December 29, 2018
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to speak highly of oneself, excessively prideful
Preston brags unintentionally on Instagram
by Me. Whiskers December 29, 2018
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Refers to a small looking bag, that is capeable of holding large objects. Seems to be magic, but it is a bottomless bag.

Can hold many useful objects.
eg- an umbrella + cigarettes + purse + mp3+ make-up + airsoft gun etc....
''Dang your brag is insane!''

''I have an umbrella in my brag''.
by YvonneTea February 7, 2010
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This is a type of tool found only in the town of alpine. They are egotistical ass wipes who spend their time working out, going to church, and telling kids they're "gay". They don't do well in school and the only friends they have, are people who feel bad for them.
Sentence: Why does he have to be so rude about everything, he's acting like a Brag.
by kw1195 October 25, 2010
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To brag (shag) a person or persons

"I would brag her hard"
"Someones about to get bragged"
by King Ell December 28, 2005
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Telling another person about something, someone, or an experience you had that could make them jealous. Using this term isn't always the best way to communicate with your peers.
I feel bad about bragging about my vacation to others. Not everyone can have those opportunities.
by singdanceactlove2000 March 24, 2016
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