a whole lot; lots of; too much; a shitload; large amount
That dude just made a G in 1 day. Now thats money out the ass.
by Big URBAN July 21, 2006
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Whenever people (e. g. car salesmen, politicians, police/security, etc.) say whatever they need to to get you to do what they want
When that salesman said I won a big prize in a contest he was lying out the ass!
by Barry Lemon August 31, 2013
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Something you will pay a ridiculous amount of money to rent, buy, or repair/maintain.
"I just bought a used 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo...looks cool, but I know I'll be paying out the ass to do repairs on it!!"
by The Punisher 9mm December 13, 2014
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Noun: The combination of the attitude of a winner, the clothes of a stunta, and the personality of an Usher background dancer.

Abbreviation: SOTA

Antonym: Dusty Swag
"That kid is so hard and got a drop that would make Diddy jealous. He's got Swag out the ass!"
by J-Trizzle-With-A-P-InTheMiddle September 9, 2011
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An expression used to say "an abundant amount" or "a lot"
After I bought all of those clothes, it felt like I was charged out the ass.
by newerdefinition December 1, 2016
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My definition of lying out the ass?Wwould be someone that was a pathological liar.Who was involved in some kind of accident that damaged his face so badly.That the only solution doctors could come up with.Was to transplant his ass to his neck.His asshole would then be used as his mouth.So, his lying would continue, but would come out of his ass..not his mouth.Rather strange occurance.Something, maybe for the National Enquirer.
A person having his ass attached to his neck, would be "lying out the ass". Everytime he told a lie.
by Honey, you're never wrong. December 8, 2013
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"My damn car blew out it's ass last night."
"Nick Willis really blew out his ass in the 1500 meter final!"
by F.O.B number 1 April 17, 2013
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