more than an assload but still less than a fuckton.
I have a shitload of beer, but down at my friend's place, they have a whole fuckton.
by lightbulb March 15, 2004
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In Software Engineering, an IEEE recognized standardized unit. The number of instances of a problem that must occur in an area/component that falls outside your area of ownership - usually 1 such occurrence qualifies as a shitload. If the problem occurs in your own area, the multiplier is 100x as any instance is obviously warranted and is merely providing good data.
Brett, your Assert fired once in an overnight test pass loop I ran on my machine. That's a shitload of hits! Pls fix ASAP! Thanks!
by thedarkknightgoestobed February 7, 2018
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A quantifier for people, signifiyng either one or many of them, in terms of a sizable degree of shittiness.
-I've seen a shitload of people on that website.
-Really, a lot?
-Well, maybe six. But they've been really shit, and people-y, you know?
-I shitty-well know. There is always a whole shitload of people.
by mattrh May 27, 2015
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meaning quite a few, a bunch, a lot, very many, more than you care to be able to count, more than you can count; a widely used exaggeration of there being far too many of something ~ not to be confused with a boatload or a whole fucking bunch
Holy shit man, that's a shitload of midgets in that parade.
by btezra October 23, 2002
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it goes like this. buttload x10 = assload x10 = crapload x10 = shitload x10 = fuckload. metric units are traditionally less, and between the said unit and the one before it.
dude, thats not a shitload. thats barely even an assload. its like, a metric assload.
by Anti November 23, 2004
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The approximate calculation of a shitload is 743 lbs.
Whoa dude... Your girl weighs a shitload.
by SirLeche April 29, 2005
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A shit load is enough fecal matter to fill a toilet bowl. However, if that load plugs the toilet, it is deemed a shit overload.
Kenny: "Call the plumber! David had a shit overload!"
David: "No, no, it was just a shitload. She went down just fine!"
by The can man. December 2, 2011
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