a '1987' is used to refer to to an intelligent, awesome, brilliant middle aged somebody. it has been realised dat great minds were born in 1987- 1987s are the hippie offsprings!
character 1: oh dats cool dude, where u got di idea...
character 2: lol mind u, m a 1987!
both: hahaha! gimme 5!
by original BV January 23, 2009
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Duke Dennis 28 Year Old Streamer Born In 1987
Fought In Countless Wars
Me- I remember duke in
Other Friend Joins in-1987777777777777777777!

A joke Made From Kai Cenat
by ChoppedCheeseWarrior September 3, 2022
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A year in which there were multiple celebrity deaths, just like how there were in 2016. The most notable celebrities who died during this year were Liberace, Andy Warhol, Rita Hayworth, Fred Astaire, Joseph Campbell, Jackie Gleason, and many more.
People who say 2016 is the year with the most celebrity deaths aren't old enough to know that there were a lot of deaths going on in 1987.
by CelticEagle February 15, 2019
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1987 was a year where a famous incident occured called the Bite of 87. The victim was a child named Evan.

it is a rumor that cram was involved.
Was that the bite of 1987?
by The Throngler March 19, 2022
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The 1987 300zx Turbo was a sports car produced by Nissan Motor Co. Nissan decided to include the X (luxury) at the end of the name to signify their move toward a broader audience than the previous Z models. The turbo model (and only the turbo model) was designed and built in Khabul, Afghanistan from little more than mud and sticks. The T-tops were designed to give easy loading and unloading for an AK-47 or RPG, and the Turbos were instrumental in the defence of Afghanistan from Russia in the late 80's.
Did you see that suicide bomber in the 1987 300ZX Turbo?
by Nissanman July 15, 2010
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back in the day when you had nice perfect pink perky nipples
man she may be 40 but she definitely has 1987 spring break nipples going on!
by SexyTexan January 11, 2012
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