Acronym for State Of The Art, as being on the cutting edge of technology, the latest in fashion, owning the newest version of an appliance.
I was using (playing with) a Vic-20 long before most of humanity ever heard of RAM, or byte, or motherboard - I was so SOTA, I could hear the wind whistling in my ears.
Me: "This screen has 16 colors you can peek, poke"

You: (Monochrome monitor user) "SOTA!"
by MadDave May 1, 2009
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Swag. Out. The. Ass.

When someone has an overabundance of swag
"Bryce definitely has SOTA"
by Hugh Girection October 27, 2011
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"What up 'sota?" ("What up Minnesota?")
by élan September 20, 2003
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Sarasota,Florida home of tha dread heads,chevy and the gold teeth
fuck boy:Aye fuck boy where u from?
Sota Boy:Bitch im a sota boy
by Antione October 26, 2007
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Sotae is a Synthetic Organism Trained for Assassination and Exloration. Don't piss him off.
Sotae is a cyborg.
by Sotae November 10, 2003
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Sarasota, Florida, commonly called Sota, is known for it's beaches, old rich retirees, beach mansions, wealthy locals, tourists, snowbirds, and hot babes. To be a Sota babe a girl must be very good looking and hot. A Sota babe usually has beautiful lucious hair, skin tanned to perfection, piercing eyes, a pretty and rememerable face, and the body of a godess. However Sota babes also tend to be to playfull with their guys and spoiled due to their rich families.
Damn! She's a sota babe for sure, she's so fine but she's probably a heartbraker.
by i-know-my-hottys April 22, 2011
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