A well respected person or family (if last name) that is rather intelligent and kind. A person who is not prejudice, 'ghetto' or untrustworthy. They show examples of leadership, integrity, responsibility, and dedication. They are simply a true Willis.
Person 1: "Oh i heard that girl made honor roll all year and is top of her class. Whats her name again?

Person 2: "Yea, her name is Riley Willis. She is definitely a Willis.
by Zin 7/27/12 June 13, 2013
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A small town about 45 minutes north of Houston. Full of red-necks and old people who suck at driving. Never take 1097 to 105 because you'll get stuck at the red light before you ever get out of town. the biggest attraction is super Kroger and next in line is tractor supply. Full of teenagers who think they are country but actually aren't. Close enough to Conroe that you'll never see it on a map or here anybody outside of Willis talk about Willis. Walnut cove.
Person 1: Where are you from
Person 2: I'm from Willis, Texas
Person 1: where's that at?

Person 2 Don't worry about it.
by Marcher 4Ever February 4, 2017
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A black man, with a huge afro.
You know a willis when you walk past him on the street, because his huge afro just stands out.
Person 1: WOAH! Dude, It's Willis!
Person 2: Good spot! WOW! Look at his afro!
by JakeyCofofo April 10, 2009
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A fingering position. Thumb is tucked in. Ring finger is crossed over middle finger. Index finger and pinkie stick out to sides.

Place pinkie in anus, ring and middle fingers in vagina, and index finger in urethra.
Dude 1 : What did you do once you got her clothes off?
Dude 2 : Gave that bitch the Willis
by De_Dust3 February 9, 2009
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V. To sleep with a girl without the act of sexual intercourse. To include but not limited to spooning, cuddling, soft touching, light whispers.

Key point: no sexual acts transpire.

1. Yo Brad, you end up porking that slam pig you met last night at the jersey bar?

No dude. Her hatchet wound smelled like fish so we just willised.

2. Dude! My girlfriend is such a prude. I go over and spend the night all the time buy all she wants to do is Willis! Fuck my life!

3. This broad was all for slam dancing but I got whiskey dick so all we did was Willis. Not to self, bring emergency Viagra next time.

4. I really like and respect this girl so we just willised. (fag!)
by B-Rad Willis January 30, 2010
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verb: To dryhump a female, fully clothed, to the point of penetration. This maneuvre is best done drunk, and is most commonly seen on the dancefloor.
Oh boy, he is willising the shit out of her....
by Antwaaaaaaaaaaaaaan October 14, 2006
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Willis is that weird ass kid that is just kinda there. He is simp who somehow pulls girls way out of his league and no one knows how, not even the girl. He’s probably the kid that gets bullied on the daily. If your name is Willis, your parents probably hate you (unless you last name is Willis then your a badass mf)
Kyle “How the hell did Willis pull your ex?”
Me “I don’t even think HE knows how he pulled any girl, bet his dad wishes he pulled out though. I would if I was his dad”
by CowboyCasanova March 10, 2020
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