When something is available in large quantities.
There was an abundant amount of evidence to support Darwin's theory.
by NinjaSheep May 2, 2016
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A cute, fun, admirable girl who is great to hang around. She brightens up anyone's day. She is a quiet little angel and is a gift from God. She, once she gets to know you, will open right up though. You will enjoy spending all your time with her and her family!
"Abundance is so fun to be around!"
by infoexpert August 17, 2018
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A dancing cupcake in a tu-tu!
Person 1: HEY! come over here i have something awesome to show you!
Person 2: Dude, i cant. the buns on this cupcake are DANCING!
Person 1: wow! thats amazing. and sexy.
Person 3 (person 1&2's slightly flamboyant friend): I want a dancing cupcake!
Person 1: here, i have cupcakes for all!
Person 4: whats going on in here? OOOOH! a bun dance!
Person 5: YAY! free cupcake!
Person 6: AHHH!!!! there are too many people in here!
Person 7: its an abundance of dancing buns and people!!!!!!!!
Person 8: Oh no! person one just died from eating tainted buns!
(Person 8 has a deathgasm)
by Mike Dixie Normous March 2, 2008
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This type of caution is typically practiced by institutions and larger private sector organisations seeking to minimise exposure to personal injury or similar legal claims but has during the early part of 2020 increasingly been adopted by individuals seeking to cover up their total panic on realising their previous publicly stated position on a matter of significant risk was riddled with hubris and incoherent bravado.
“...out of an abundance of caution, temperature checks are now being performed on any individuals who are in close contact with the President and Vice President...”
by Connell1968 March 14, 2020
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the condition one is immersed in upon consuming great amounts marijuana. one can call the act of smoking the aforementioned marijuana "pluming forth".
Guy 1: DUDE let's go get some natural abundance!
Guy 2: I already plumed forth, man!!
Girl 3: natural abundance (in the tune of sensual seduction)
Guy 4: splendiiiiiiid!
by splendid abundance July 9, 2009
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When you don’t know how to talk during symposium, so you say “a lot abundant” to sound smart.
The amount of fertilizer is a lot abundant. - Symposium 2k18
by doggiestylelover69 April 23, 2018
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