Modern sportbike rider who performes stunts in public. Frowned upon by responsible riders.

see squid
"Driving to work I saw a stunta pull a mile long wheelie in rush hour traffic."
by Wawa February 22, 2003
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A motorcycle rider who may or may not be able to do stunts on his bike, but lacks the judgement of when and where to do them.
That stunta did a nice stoppie, but in front of the Police Station? What a squid.
by Baygul February 4, 2011
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See "Wigga", "Wigger" "Icy Hot Stuntaz" "Eminem". Suburban causasian male who attempts to mimic the language and culture of urban hip-hop. Usually spells plurals with a "z". Known to tool around in mom's tricked out "Mishishshi", "Akra" or "Hyundizzay".
Y'all stuntaz need get yo self some bakin' soda and blow, yo. Quit yo frontin', sell some doze rocks and buy yo self some bling. Flip dat bill to the back, my stunta.
by Wigga May 9, 2003
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someone who claim they a balla but is broke
kevin is a stunta he aint got no bread
by britt March 27, 2004
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Someone who posses the skills to pay the bills in the sportbike world! A rider who has more control over their bike than most folks have over their own lives! Riders who have practiced and learned stunts that entertain!
Dan Jackson is among the worlds top stunta gods! Right there with Some OG's like Kyle Woods, Starboys, Darius and the likes!
by Reckless01 February 3, 2008
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the pair of glass being worn when someone is walking with confidence
When 6 p.m. arrived, I looked out my office window and saw my boss rocking his Oakley stunta shades as he strolled to his red Mercedes and drove off, ready to start his vacation.
by McWritah July 9, 2015
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