Oof is the Roblox Death Sound, if you play the game you understand what i mean
*Roblox Player Dies*
*Roblox Player Makes the "Oof" Sound
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Shitty saying that is overused by 12 year old boys and girls that likely have been on roblox or minecraft way too much.
"This totally doesn't fit the sentence, but I say it anyway because I think it's "cute" hehe, oof."
by IDidThisForOneDefinition April 23, 2018
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Out of fucks (Oof). You really don't care, and do not give a fuck and are out of fucks to give. Out of fucks so much as to give this abbreviated answer.

This is mainly used in text messages and online.
Person 1: I am having a bad day.
Person 2: Just like every other day, oof.
by Rasicule February 12, 2019
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E-mail shorthand for being out of the office. Originated inside Microsoft and stood for "out of facility."
"I'll be OOF Monday through Wednesday. Elaine will handle the Tuesday conference call. Take any emergencies to Tim."
by Ironmaus November 28, 2011
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