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A condition in which the afflicted person doesn't watch any programming that isn't on the video-on-demand service Netflix to the exclusion of all other video-on-demand services.

This could be due to economical reasons or simply a personal preference.
Alex is Netflixated; if it's not on Netflix, Alex won't watch it so don't even bother suggesting it!

Unaffected Person: Did you see (insert the name of the show)?
Netflixated Person: Is it on Netflix?

I get so frustrated with people who are Netflixated because they can't discuss anything that isn't on Netflix!

Don't talk about (insert name of show) or you'll spoil it for me because I'm Netflixated and I've only seen seasons 1-4 since that's all Netflix has.

Unaffected Person: Thanks for recommending (insert name of obscure show)--I loved it! How did you find it?
Netflixated Person: Oh, no problem. I'm Netflixated and know about all kinds of interesting programs deep in the bowels of Netflix.
by TeaInTheMoment February 24, 2018
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A phrase used to indicate one is ready, willing, and able to do something in a peaceful, zen-like manner.
Sharla: Are you ready to leave for the store?
Peter: Let's do this like Buddhists.
by TeaInTheMoment January 19, 2021
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Used to convey "It's over between us" or "I'm officially breaking up with you" (sometimes in the form of a threat) usually to a short-term partner.
"He didn't even realize what he'd done wrong so I told him 'I'm out' and wished him well."

"If you don't stop sleeping around, I'm out!"
by TeaInTheMoment July 16, 2016
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A small, rectangular mobile device operated using the human hand used before humanoid robots were available commercially.
Too bad you still have to use a HAndroid and can't afford your own AI Personal Assistant Bot.
by TeaInTheMoment December 20, 2017
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The act of getting out Led Zeppelin albums or CDs and playing them.
On WMGK at 7 PM on weeknights, we'll be getting the led out for our listening audience.
by TeaInTheMoment March 1, 2007
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A person who doesn't watch live TV preferring to wait until the video-on-demand service hulu airs the program.

The antithesis of a real time chump
Matt's mom is a real hulu-loser; she can never discuss what was on last night because she has to wait until it's on hulu.
by TeaInTheMoment February 4, 2018
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1. A mock and/or placeholder password
2. Three unrelated words that are fun to say together
Employee 1: What's the password to the printer?
Employee 2: afghanistan-bananastand haha

Friend 1: Why do you sometimes randomly say afghanistan-bananastand?
Friend 2: Some guy I worked with when I was a temp back in the 80s jokingly told me it was the password to the printer and it's fun to say. You should try it!
by TeaInTheMoment October 15, 2021
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