Alexandria is someone who will change your life forever, even if she might not be in it forever. She has a beautiful face and heart. She is never selfish and cares for other before she thinks about caring for herself. She loves food and has a charming personality. She may not be for everyone but if you know an Alexandria and she happens to like or love you, don not let her go and do not take advantage of her. Because she will do anything for you.

Yea what about her?

She's just wow..
by Michaelhdz January 21, 2017
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She's one of the strongest people you'll ever meet. She is the most patient and caring person you could ever meet. She deserves more than she has, so spoil her. She is the most beautiful person you'll ever meet. She is worth every second of your time, and you'll never regret staying up all night with her. She'll change your life Without you even knowing .She can make you smile just by smiling herself. You could talk for days about how amazing she is. When you don't see them for a while you may go insane. Once you get to know her, you'll feel protective of her. She is nice to people who deserve it. She has random bi-polar moments that make her that much better. You could talk to her for hours about anything with her. And miss her as soon as you hang up. Can give a bitchy attitude and be very stubborn. Only gets jealous because she cares. One way or another, she finds a way to keep you out of trouble. She will always say something negative about her appearance even though she always looks beautiful. Always remind her she is beautiful.She won't admit at first, but she is like every other person and has problems, and just needs someone to talk to.You will never be able to describe her because there is so much to talk about. If you ever meet an Alexandria keep her close. She's is worth everything. You'll want to be with her forever. She will be your best friend and your world. Don’t take that for granted she will always be there for you.
Alexandria- someone special
by Alexandria: someone special December 8, 2019
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Alexandria, the poor girl always getting called 'Alexandra' and hating it. A bit of a spitfire, she has a strong sense of justice and moral code, and her will is as strong as her namesake, Alexander the Great. Beautiful, seductive by nature, independent and feisty. Alexandria's are forces of nature, but they arent without their weaknesses. Their strong front often hides severe trauma or pain. If an Alexandria shows you her soft side, know that she trusts you and Dont take advantage of her. The slightest sign of treachery steeles her nerves and up her walls go; you're never gonna get back in now.

Alexandria's are strong, protective women, and they go to great lengths for those they're loyal to. If you've befriended one of these special ladies, they'll likely protect you even if you've destroyed them in the past. Love never dies, but trust does.

Alexandria's are known as you'll find for their will, their hair, and their ability to turn heads on the street. In fact, those possessing the name have such strong and fiery persona, that you'll often find they have the most gentle and motherly middle names. Pearl, Leahla, Crystal, and Mary are common, soft middle names that an Alexandria may possess.
Alexandria, the female version of more ways then one.

I asked Alexandria to the dance, but she said no because I was the seventh boy to have asked so far and the one she wanted had yet to make his attempt.
by touchyourrightear October 20, 2019
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Beautiful and Intelligent girl loves some sports but not all. Has lots of friends has beautiful hair. Doesn't get jealous very easily, looks for the best in everything doesn't have a bitchy attitude the most beautiful person you will ever lay eyes on every guy wants her but if she already has one then he knows never to let her go I would love to be a Alexandria
Alexandria is a rare and beautiful name.
by Creative imagination April 27, 2015
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Alexandria is the type of girl who just comes in your life and blesses you. She makes smart remarks that will make you want to yell at her but she also makes your life better so it’s okay. Her personality is amazing while her smile is making you drool.
Alexandria is the best girl I ever met!

Don’t sleep on Alexandria, she’s a real one.
by ggtu April 8, 2018
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Alexandria's (or Alex's for short) are the best people you will ever meet. She will check in on you every day to make sure you're ok. If you're dating an Alex, don't take her for granted. She is the best person you will ever meet. You will love all of her. It may take a while to get used to her, but once you do it is worth it. Taurus Alex's are the best since they have an even better positive attitude. You will want to kiss and hug her every day for the rest of your life and who knows? MAybe you'll get lucky.
Did you see Alexandria? Shes fucking amazing
by Shadowmuffin86 September 26, 2018
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A crazy but fun girl,loves her friends unconditionally but if u in any way leave her out or do something bitchy to her makes her feel unwanted or used.
Alexandria (Alex for short) is a beautiful girl,can be a bit stupid on times but is very intelligent in who and what she chooses to befriend or to use.
Alexandria is a hard one to get,when u get her don’t let go cause u may or may not get her back.
Who is that?She’s crazy
“It must be an Alexandria”
by Your bae😉 October 29, 2019
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