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Beautiful and Intelligent girl loves some sports but not all. Has lots of friends has beautiful hair. Doesn't get jealous very easily, looks for the best in everything doesn't have a bitchy attitude the most beautiful person you will ever lay eyes on every guy wants her but if she already has one then he knows never to let her go I would love to be a Alexandria
Alexandria is a rare and beautiful name.
by Creative imagination April 27, 2015
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Alexandria is someone who will change your life forever, even if she might not be in it forever. She has a beautiful face and heart. She is never selfish and cares for other before she thinks about caring for herself. She loves food and has a charming personality. She may not be for everyone but if you know an Alexandria and she happens to like or love you, don not let her go and do not take advantage of her. Because she will do anything for you.

Yea what about her?

She's just wow..
by Michaelhdz January 21, 2017
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a beautiful person; that of which is consumed in greatness; usually has nice hair; loves attention; chooses hardcore over normality; friendly yet bitchy; easy to get along with; creative; the leader of the pack; not easily put down; determined; a non hate-ful person; not easily jealous; content with the matter of life; loves realtionships; not as friendly with the same gender as opposed to the male species;smart; daring; and fearful of nothing.
i wish i could be alexandria.
by alarm system July 22, 2009
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Alexandria is the type of girl who just comes in your life and blesses you. She makes smart remarks that will make you want to yell at her but she also makes your life better so it’s okay. Her personality is amazing while her smile is making you drool.
Alexandria is the best girl I ever met!

Don’t sleep on Alexandria, she’s a real one.
by ggtu May 23, 2018
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Alexandria's (or Alex's for short) are the best people you will ever meet. She will check in on you every day to make sure you're ok. If you're dating an Alex, don't take her for granted. She is the best person you will ever meet. You will love all of her. It may take a while to get used to her, but once you do it is worth it. Taurus Alex's are the best since they have an even better positive attitude. You will want to kiss and hug her every day for the rest of your life and who knows? MAybe you'll get lucky.
Did you see Alexandria? Shes fucking amazing
by Shadowmuffin86 September 25, 2018
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"Defender of mankind", or "Protection" from Alexander. Beautiful and powerful. Truly one of a kind in everything she does; center of attention; is always right; will always be there to help others in need; vibrant and healthy with a body that puts other women to shame. Once she is a part of your life, you will NEVER be the same.
Guy 1 "Is that your new girl?"

Guy 2 "Who Alexandria? Yes, she is amazing and I don't know what my life would be like without her!"

Guy 1 "Sweeeet"
by This guyyyy February 05, 2010
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A good friend who ca help you with anything and a very beautiful person.You can always rely on her at all times.
Alexandria is o nice and a good friend!
by T Cooper Evans November 13, 2018
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