when you don't really care but should say atleast something
You- "I think I'm having a heart attack"
Me- "oof"
by mikaschm March 22, 2018
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You did not know what to write, so you just typed in "oof".
by metrost February 9, 2018
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The sound one might make after busting thy nutt or by death in roblox.
He oofed a mighty oof as he climaxed in roblox.
by Magnum Shlong October 24, 2017
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off is kinda like ohfuck but u dont want noone to know u cussed
oof i forgot to do my homework
oof my condom broke
oof im gonna have kids
oof i left my grandma at the stripclub
by EUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! October 4, 2018
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a sound that represents the air being knocked out of it; popular in Roblox.
Yo did u see Tyler yesterday?! He got hit so hard he went oof.
by Nigerian Chris March 30, 2017
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when you die in roblox but think its real life
by jeffkaufmann September 23, 2017
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can express good or bad:
bad oof- discomfort, stress, or sadness
good oof- joy, happiness
bad oof: Oof I just failed my math test
good oof: Oof I feel great today
by soccer_boiz_127 January 8, 2018
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