an old lady the will fill you up and she is a very nice girl that has treats forever! :)
boy: my grandma is the best in the whole world

other boy: how so?

boy: she can get me any snacks I want

other boy: wow thats soo cool

boy: I know right!
by im mr.awesome man January 1, 2021
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When you run out of things or people to swear upon. In other words, When you know you're lying but you already put it on God, Your Momma, Yourself, Your Soul, Your Dad, Your Gang and all you have left is your grandma. Poor Grandma, I bet you are scared of putting it on her, because you still live with her.
Bruh! Hey Bruh! I have 20 Flat Screen TV's and 3 Lamborghinis, we is Lottery world champions, on my Grandma!!
by The_Bambino_88 November 6, 2019
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A subtle and sly way to say you need to take a shit.
I'll be back in a couple minutes, I just need to call my grandma
by serum114 October 31, 2010
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A Sexual Act where the couple strips their clothes and consume eachothers privates while on a family video call. While you eat the meat you chew it up and spit it around chanting “grandmas muffins” over and over.
“Hey baby, would you like to show the family Grabdmas Muffins
You bet your ass I would!”
“I would love to show My Grandmas Muffins as well”
by MrHornywetsoco December 23, 2020
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Phrase used when experiencing excitement. Can be used in my place of "no kidding."
Well, slap my grandma! My dog's name is Badonkadonk too!
by Lindsay Hamel May 2, 2008
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